About Us


Cheetah Kicks Martial Arts has grown from a small, dedicated group of practitioners into a full-fledged Tae Kwon Do school devoted to training quality individuals in the best martial arts and self-defense available anywhere. The Chief Instructors, Master Reza Saffar And Master Arrash Atlasi, and the other instructors have been actively training and teaching in the Dallas area.

Our Chief Instructor, Master Reza Saffar, and Master Arrash Atlasi, holds a Fifth Degree Black Belt in Tae kwon do and continues to train intensively to offer the best, safest, highest caliber of martial arts training.

Master Reza Saffar

Master Reza Saffar is certified Master Instructor by KUKKIWON WTF World Tae Kwon Do Federation (Governing body of Olympic Tae Kwon Do in the world).

Master Arrash Atlasi

Arrash Atlasi is the Principal Instructor and one of the Founder of the Cheetah Kicks Martial Arts.
Mr. Atlasi is passionate about both martial arts and teaching.

Black Belt Parshan Shams

“I love working with kids and enjoy teaching them all there is to know about Tae Kwon Do.”

Black Belt David Bontigao

“My pursuit of Tae Kwon Do has led me through a path of diligence, integrity, and survival of the fittest.”

Black Belt Jade Vincent

“The most fulfilling part of Tae Kwon Do for me is teaching young minds how to develop their talents.”